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WMBH’s Mission is to provide high quality comprehensive chemical dependency and mental health treatment services with a public health approach of reducing morbidity and mortality risk factors. In all our activities, our goal is to be helpful, compassionate, and responsive to the needs of those we serve.

WMBH uses a public health approach to reduce risk factors as a means of treating addictive disease and mental health disorders. WMBH’s methodology of risk factor reduction has evolved as the foundation of WMBH’s health care and behavioral health treatment philosophy.

WMBH addresses risk factor reduction by using a centralized case management system and continuum of care. WMBH’s continuum reflects WMBH’s belief in the importance of individualized treatment. WMBH’s program’s comprehensive service continuum and case management system yield a high rate of patient retention and service outcomes, which means that WMBH clients are able to achieve their specific treatment goals efficiently while simultaneously receiving a holistic approach to their overall health and well being.

WMBH is a Behavioral Health Clinic whose programming includes services to the chemically dependent client, as well as the client with mental health / co-occurring disorders. WMBH is accredited by the “Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities” (CARF).